My name is Eric Leamen. I’m a technology and digital media nerd obsessed with all things Apple, Marvel, Star Wars, and more generally consumer technology, streaming media, and design. Years ago I served as Managing Editor of CE: The Magazine and a Senior Editor for The Cellular Guru, both defunct. My work has been published by BetaKit and TechnoBuffalo among other publications. I also served as Digital Director of the team that built the award-winning Emerge Magazine 2014 website.

If you want to get in touch with me, @ericleamen on Twitter is where I spend most of my time.

About Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit is where I write about everything I’m interested in. As the name implies, the site is primarily focused on Apple, but I’ll frequently post about other tech companies like Google and Twitter, as well as comic books, movies, TV shows, LGBTQ culture, and even some personal essays. The name and the logo may be heavily inspired by my favourite fruit company, but I want Fresh Fruit to represent who I am and what I’m thinking about.

The Fresh Fruit Review Scale is a fruit-based rating system used to indicate a final score at the end of my reviews. You can tell how good a thing is by the types of fruit awarded to that thing. That’s it and if you don’t get it I can’t help you.


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