Shigeru Miyamoto talks Super Mario Run and working with Apple

John Davison, Glixel:

Probably the that easiest thing to point to is the fact that Apple, like Nintendo, is a company that thinks about how people will use their products. We design things to be usable by a very broad range of people. They put a lot of effort into the interface and making the product simple to use, and that's very consistent with Nintendo. I think Apple also likes to do things differently and take a different approach. In the early days when computers were very complicated things, computer companies were purposely presenting them in ways that made them seem very complicated. Then you had Apple who came along with their very simple and colorful logo and it all had more of a fun feel to it.

This passage really opened my eyes to how similar Apple and Nintendo really are. Both companies concern themselves with designing the best products they can for their users, which doesn't always mean the most powerful or technologically advanced products. Both companies take risks that some view as gimmicks or trade-offs. Both companies have had massive successes and very public failures. Both companies are wildly valuable despite critics predicting their demise. If Nintendo is someday forced to exit the hardware business, I'm starting to visualize a very successful future for their characters on Apple devices.

Check out the full interview; Miyamoto always provides great insight into Nintendo, and this piece reveals a lot about the development of Super Mario Run and how Nintendo's partnership with Apple came about.